An Ambassador is someone who is passionate about embedding inclusion and empathy in the next generation. Ambassadors use their influence and external profile, to represent and build awareness of the work we do to new audiences.​


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Michael Gunning (he/him)

Michael Gunning is a former Great Britain and Team Jamaica Professional Swimmer, who specialised in the 200M Butterfly events on the world class programme. Gunning attended two World Championships in Budapest and South Korea, and is the current National Record holder in both the 200M Butterfly, 200M Freestyle and 400M Freestyle events.

In 2018, he became the first openly gay athlete on the Jamaican National Team, and his efforts in visualising equality around the globe lead him to winning the Attitude Pride Award in 2019. Since then, Michael is a regular pundit and avid speaker for sport inclusion, and was named as the TV Pundit and Host of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games swimming events, and uses his platform to help inspire audiences around the world.

"I'm thrilled to be joining Diversity Role Models as their first official ambassador and I really can't wait to see what unfolds in the coming months. I've always been extremely passionate about inspiring younger audiences and allowing them to have the confidence to reach their full potential, and combined with my degree in early childhood studies, I look forward to helping both diversity and inclusion thrive in Educational spaces and help create a world where everyone is accepted." – Michael

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Ben Pechey (they/them)

Ben is a writer, speaker, content creator, LGBTQIA Advocate, D&I consultant, and Author. They have worked with major brands such as Amazon Prime, Condé Nast, Dr. Martens, The NSPCC, Channel 4 Sales and many more. They uplift and educate through media; with their website, The Happy Place podcast, and legendary Instagram Stories. They have had words in print and online for Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Diva and many more. Their debut Book, The Book of Non-Binary Joy, is out now.

"Growing up I never saw or knew anybody like myself. I am now incredibly comfortable with who I am and am visibly present in society – but this has taken a lot of work. The work of DRM supports young people to become their full selves right now, something I wish I could have had. I am a big believer in being the change you need in the world, and so I am excited to be a Diversity Role Models Ambassador as the organisation helps and supports future generations of LGBTQIA+ people to embrace themselves as they are, with no prejudice. I am passionate about creating environments where everyone is safe to be who they have always dreamed of, and so much more…" – Ben