Advice for parents

Diversity Role Models give young people the confidence to be who they are and allow others to do the same. Our workshops feature positive LGBT or straight ally role models who speak directly to young people about their experiences. Through hearing these stories first hand and asking questions, young people gain a greater understanding of the impact of homophobia and transphobia and the positive contribution they can make. We empower them to bring about change themselves and make homophobic and gender-based bullying a thing of the past.

Positive role models speak to classes of young people about their experiences of either being LGB or T or being a straight ally. Workshops are run by trained facilitators who lead discussions around stereotypes and friendship. After role models have spoken to the class, students have the opportunity to ask anonymous questions of the role models. The message is one of empathy and respect; we do not ask students to make any moral decision around sexual orientation, however we speak of the need for ALL young people to be able to achieve their best, which means removing discrimination and bullying in schools

Tackling homophobic bullying in the classroom

To date we've worked with over 70 schools and reached over 11,000 pupils. Of these, 96% indicate that they would treat a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender person better after the workshop, while 94% indicated they would use the word ‘gay’ as a derogatory term less in the future. We also work with and support the great services offered by other organisations, including:

Stonewall, who offer a range of advice for parents, whether you think your child might be gay, they’re experiencing homophobic bullying or you just want to know how to support them.

Family Lives. a charity that supports all those with an active role in raising children with non-judgmental advice and support. You can get advice through their confidential helpline, online live chats or email support service.

"Fabulous - should be part of the national curriculum! This workshop should be offered to ALL year groups."
"I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for an absolutely amazing three days. Many of our young people have no other forum in which they feel safe and comfortable discussing these issues. I honestly feel that the last three days have changed lives. The workshops have been the talk of the school this week and I have heard such positive feedback from both staff and students. I only wish DRM existed when I was at school!"
Assistant Head
"I learned that some people are different but that doesn't mean they should be treated badly. I will respect LGBT people more now."
Year 9 pupil

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