Last year, over 11,000 students and staff at 90 schools in the UK were surveyed about their views on LGBT+ inclusion in education by Diversity Role Models. The surveys have been compiled into a newly released report.

Pathways to LGBT+ Inclusion: Report: Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia in schools today is now available and includes real-world statistics and quotes which reveal how much more needs to be done to make every school fully-inclusive of LGBT+ people and end HBT bullying.

Ultimately, the report raises the alarm for the safety of LGBT+ students in their schools. It outlines stark statistics about the likely experience these young people will have through their education:

  • 42% of year 5 & 6’s & 54% of secondary students report HBT language to be common at their school
  • 32% of year 11’s say they’ve seen someone be bullied due to being, or being thought to be, LGBT+
  • 61% of year 9’s say they regularly hear language such as ‘that’s so gay’ at school

The full report can be downloaded below.


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