About the 'Embracing Difference, Ending Bullying' Project


The Department for Education selected Diversity Role Models in 2021 to implement our ‘Embracing Difference, Ending Bullying’ programme over a three year period.

The aim of the programme was to support schools across England to tackle and prevent all forms of bullying. Through training interventions, student workshops, Role Model stories and multimedia resources, the programme engaged staff and students to enhance their understanding of diversity, differences, and protected characteristics.

Whole school research was undertaken to better understand each school’s situation, tailor training and create targeted action plans. The research and evaluation of the impact of the project, published in our ‘Embracing Difference, Ending Bullying Research & Impact Report 2024’, informed the creation of this Best Practice Guide.

About the DfE funded Best Practice Guide


This Best Practice Guide has been developed around the ‘four pillars to a successful preventative approach’. This guide aims to inform and advise schools in these four key areas to empower educators to prevent bullying (especially bullying related to the protected characteristics), and to support schools to create diverse and inclusive communities where all young people embrace difference and can be themselves and thrive.

The guide is designed for school leaders, governors and school staff and aims to support them in effectively embedding a preventative whole school approach to anti-bullying, rooted in best practice and research.