We will support your school to create and sustain a safe, inclusive environment which enables all to thrive. We offer a unique combination of specialised staff, governor and parent/carer training alongside student workshops - this approach helps achieve sustained change through embedding inclusion in systems, culture and behaviours.

Our programme has been developed by education and inclusion specialists and is adaptable to meet the particular needs of your school.



The Benefits

  • Students learn how to create an inclusive environment for their peers
  • Students directly engage with LGBT+ role models – allowing time and space for them to challenge stereotypes, empathise and critically question the language they use and the environment they create for their peers
  • Staff and students learn what exclusion (with an LGBT+ focus) is and how to prevent it
  • Staff develop their confidence in understanding the lived experience of LGBT+ people and feel equipped in responding to prejudice based bullying, including homophobic, biphobic and transphobic language
  • Staff improve their knowledge in creating an inclusive curriculum
  • Governors are trained how to drive an inclusive culture within the school
  • Parents and carers learn the impact of exclusion, how to be inclusive in their messaging and how to support the school

Our team will work with senior leadership teams to understand and address the school's particular needs to help create a safe and inclusive school environment where every child is valued for who they are, regardless of their identity.

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