Arif Adam

Arif Adam

DRM shortlisted for The Guardian Charity Awards 2014!

Friday October 3, 2014

We’re thrilled and honoured to be shortlisted in The Guardian Charity Awards for 2014! The Guardian Charity Awards aims to showcase excellence among small and medium sized charities. The five winning charities will be announced on Tuesday 2 December 2014 at the Guardian’s head office.

The awards offer a priceless leg-up to organisations that are delivering practical solutions to present-day problems, never more important than at a time of continuing austerity in our public services.

Smaller charities tend to be overshadowed by the big players of the voluntary sector. Yet in terms of innovation, flexibility and reach into communities, it's very often the case that small is beautiful. The Guardian Charity Awards seek to redress that. For 22 years, we have showcased excellence among small and medium-sized charities and given a much-needed boost to organisations struggling to get the profile and funding they need to move forward.

Last year's winners were Resurgo Trust, Teens and Toddlers, Wheels for Wellbeing and WILD Young Parents Project.

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