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Donate your lunch money this Anti-Bullying Week

Monday November 16, 2015

For many of us, our school years are some of the happiest times of our lives. But sadly for too many LGBT young people, this isn't the case. They face significantly higher levels of verbal, physical and sexual abuse, and the consequences on their mental well-being can be devastating.

In our new video, one of our role models - Ryan - shares his story about the impact that homophobic bullying had on him:

At Diversity Role Models, we're proud of the work that we undertake to eliminate homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying. Through our pupil workshops and teacher training we dispel stereotypes, develop empathy, and ultimately improve the life chances for LGBT young people across the UK.

We've already delivered our workshops to more than 30,000 young people in 150 schools over the past four years. But we're only scratching the surface. And we need your support to help us help more young people to feel free to be their authentic selves without hostility or fear.

Anti-Bullying Week runs from 16th-20th November, and we're asking if you could bring your lunch in from home and donate what you would normally spend to Diversity Role Models:

  • £5 purchases materials for one class
  • £10 reaches out to 10 schools to promote our work
  • £25 trains a volunteer role model to share their story

However much you are able to give, you can support us this Anti-Bullying Week by donating in one of three easy ways:

If you donate through our website or a direct debit, you’ll also have the option to leave a message to go on the DRM wall saying why this work matters to you. We'll be sharing a selection of these messages on our social media throughout the week.

Thank you for your support this Anti-Bullying Week. Together we can build a world where all young people can be themselves without fear of discrimination.

Isn't that worth giving up your lunch money for?

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