Tamoor Ali

Tamoor Ali

Setting yourself a Grand Challenge

Tuesday November 29, 2016

Our Treasurer, Tamoor, set himself a tough fundraising challenge in October. Will you join him in taking the DRM Grand Challenge?

“It wasn’t my first half marathon, but it was my first running for DRM’s benefit, so I was determined to set myself an ambitious fundraising goal for the Royal Parks Half in October. DRM had asked its fundraisers to raise at least £400, with a stretch target for some runners at £1,000 to fit in with its Grand Challenge. I decided to go the extra mile and raise £2,000 for this brilliant cause.

I used Virgin Money Giving, which is really straightforward, making it easy for friends, family and colleagues to sponsor me. As I was aiming high, I targeted my senior managers in the company explaining the work DRM does and why I am fundraising.  Once I had a few donors on the page I found that more and more started to give, so I did a second push and then a third to remind my friends to sponsor me with a week to go.

The thing about fund raising is that you have to be shameless in asking for money over and over again and it is about perseverance, leveraging your relationships and making sure everyone understands the cause. Also get yourself out there - I was posting on Facebook, Instagram, work intranet, emailing and talking about it to everyone. I even sent an email to our CEO who gave me £200!

The training was the easiest part in a way. Admittedly, my timing was a bit off: I went to a friend’s wedding in Malaysia just ten days before the run, so I only got back into London with a few days to go. But I kept up my training while I was away, and felt in pretty good shape on the morning of 9 October.

And the run itself? Well, it was a lovely sunny autumn day in London, mild but not hot –perfect running conditions really. The Royal Parks Half is a busy event, with 16,000 runners pounding the tarmac past some of London’s best-known sights. Some of the other guys running for DRM may have pipped me to the post, but at one hour 45 minutes I was really pleased with my time.

The great thing about using online fundraising pages is that there’s no scrabbling round asking for cash after the event. I’m also very fortunate to have an employer who matches all funds raised in challenge events, effectively doubling what I raised. Many companies will match your sponsorship (or a part of it) with a corporate donation, so it’s always worth checking with your employer.

Over all I raised a little over £4,700, including matched funding and Gift Aid. Now it’s just a question of thanking everyone who so generously sponsored me. I think I promised quite a few thank you dinners, so I might be doing that for quite some time to come!”

DRM’s Grand Challenge to you is to raise a minimum of £1,000 for us through sponsored events, any which way you can, in one calendar year or less. Whether it’s one challenge or several, you’ll be helping us to reach more young people, and train more staff, with our anti-bullying messages. You’ll have one year from the date you sign up to complete the Challenge, and we’ll be in touch during the year to see how you’re getting on. And, as an added incentive, there’s a Prize Draw with some great rewards lined up for those of you who take part and complete their Challenge by 31 August 2017. So what are you waiting for?

Contact us today if you’d like to sign up for the Grand Challenge.

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