Recently, Diversity Role Models reached an incredible milestone in our mission to promote inclusion and diversity in schools. After 11 years, we have reached over 150,000 young people, that’s across more than 600 schools all over the country. We’re so proud to have worked with so many amazing teachers, school leaders, role models, parents/carers and of course, pupils and students.

From the feedback we gather, we know that our workshops build empathy, acceptance, and attitudes of kindness towards people who are different. Working in partnership with schools we are helping to tackle bullying and prejudice so that children can enjoy a fulfilling education. We are empowering all children with the confidence to stand up to bullying and to become an ‘upstander’ rather than a ‘bystander’ to abuse.

While a large part of our work focuses on LGBT+ inclusion, from 2022, our Department for Education-funded project ‘Embracing Difference, Ending Bullying’ has seen us work with schools in preventing racist, sexist, ableist and other forms of prejudice-based bullying.

A huge THANK YOU to our wonderful volunteers for being there to deliver our workshops in schools alongside us. And we're so proud of our own DReaM Team for all the work going into ensuring our workshops are tailored to different groups of students.

150,000 is a pretty big number, yet there is so much more we can do. Diversity Role Models will continue to work with new schools in new communities as we work towards a society in which every child can develop and thrive. If you would like to be part of our journey to 200,000 young people, come and get involved with us. You could become a volunteer role model or a workshop facilitator or you could become an individual donor funding our work. For more information visit