In 2019, in conjunction with George at ASDA, Diversity Role Models produced an array of learning resources for parents. Included in the packs was a video resource, with over 60 million views. Part of the video features a couple in their 70s talking about being in love and how, in their circumstance, ‘love had no age limit’.

Unfortunately, this phrase ‘love has no age limit’ was taken out of its context by a relatively small number of individuals who insinuated that Diversity Role Models was teaching that there was no lower age limit to love. This claim was wrong and misleading. The video was conveying how healthy adult relationships continue well into older age.

In response, Diversity Role Models sought to reassure the complainants and provide the context for the use of the video and our learner resources. Thereafter, to avoid further doubt or distress that part of the learning resources was changed.

Diversity Role Models referred itself to the Charity’s Commission, who after a thorough investigation, required no further action. The charity worked closely with ASDA in responding to the complaints and as the financial donor, ASDA were content with the way the issue was resolved.

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Experience with over 600 schools

Diversity Role Models works with hundreds of schools in delivering inclusion and anti-bullying workshops. It is a requirement for schools under the National Curriculum to teach about diversity and tackle bullying. With 11 years’ experience, Diversity Role Models is a trusted partner to education settings across the country.

Our age-appropriate workshops and resources support schools in delivering the new RSHE curriculum. We educate young people in primary schools on different families, stereotypes, respect and different forms of bullying. Secondary students explore respectful relationships and learn the facts and the law in regards to sexuality and gender identity. These workshops promote students’ Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) development and are aligned to anti-bullying best practice set out in the guidance Preventing and Tackling Bullying.

Our workshops support schools in meeting their legal obligations under the Equality Act by fostering good relations between diverse members of the school community. Ofsted provides clarity about school’s obligations (including independent school’s obligations under the ISS) to promote respect for others paying particular attention to the protected characteristics.


Commitment to safeguarding

Safeguarding children and young people is of the highest importance to us. All staff members, trustees and volunteers have undergone safeguarding training relevant to their role and our delivery team and volunteers undergo enhanced DBS checks. The charity has robust safeguarding policies and practices that are updated to ensure they are aligned to statutory guidance and best practice. Our policy was last updated in October 2021.

Materials are regularly reviewed to ensure their suitability for use in the classroom. Our Education Steering Group takes feedback from teachers and education experts to ensure our resources are aligned with our safeguarding policies, statutory guidance and safeguarding best practice. Teachers are also encouraged to personally review materials to ensure they are aligned with the school’s policies and safeguarding procedures.

The charity has a robust safeguarding policy in line with the Department for Education's 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' guidance and we work closely with all schools in supporting their own safeguarding procedures.