The Short & Girlie Show are a multi award-winning comedy troupe. They are eight women from the LGBQ community, who perform improvised sketches and silly songs.

In October 2011 The Short & Girlie Show were asked to take part in the L Project’s charity single “It Does Get Better”, in support of Diversity Role Models and Stonewall. This was the first time we'd heard about DRM and we immediately warmed to the charity’s aims. Fast forward to April 2012, and we were asked to perform at a benefit for DRM in Brighton. It was a fantastic night and we found it really inspirational listening to Chief Exec Suran Dickson speak about Diversity Role Models' work.

When we came to plan our UK “Spreading the Love” tour in 2014, there was no question who would be our chosen charity. For two months we would shamelessly tin-shake at our audiences on behalf of DRM! From our first gig on Friday 5th September 2014, we teased each audience by telling them no donation was too small, so long as they folded it before putting it in the tin! And as it wasn't long since the ice bucket challenge had gone viral, we encouraged our audiences to donate to DRM if they hadn't done the challenge themselves.

A flurry of notes landed in our tins. And as we returned each tin, DRM were quick to count it up and give us a running total. By the end of our first month we'd already raised £492.12. The DRM team were enormously enthusiastic about our efforts, which helped spur us on even more.

And then a thought started buzzing around my head and wouldn’t go away. What if we could raise £1000? It seemed both completely unachievable and yet the perfect goal to work towards.

At each show, we took a moment to explain the impact and scale of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying. Many among our audiences were from the LGBT community, and they would fall silent in recognition of their own or others’ personal experiences. This also meant they were on side and happy to donate, and many people also asked us how they could get DRM into their local schools.

When the tour rolled into London, Suran and Phil (DRM's Head of Business Development) came to see the show. We were really delighted to have them there and presented them with a signed tour poster. The next day DRM tweeted a photo of the poster in pride of place on their office wall!

Eventually though - like all good things - the tour had to come to an end. As our last date loomed on Sunday 19th October, we had £787.23 in the bank and really needed one final push. 

Then suddenly we discovered we could get matched funding from Pearsons PLC, one of the Short & Girlies’ employers. And because DRM is classed as an education charity the company was kindly donated the maximum amount - £250! That took us over the line, but finally right at the end we received another £25 donation taking the final figure to £1062.23!! A slightly random figure, but one that will is etched on our minds and meant we exceeded our £1000 target!

There were so many benefits with being associated with Diversity Role Models on tour:

  • First and foremost the money we raised, which will fund even more of their amazing school workshops;
  • The awareness we raised of the charity;
  • The feel good factor our audiences got from donating to a cause close to their hearts;
  • The overwhelming sense of achievement to reach a massive goal together!

Diversity Role Models, you are a truly magnificent charity and we look forward to supporting you in the future.

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