National Children’s Day 2022,
and a hello from our new CEO


It is my great pleasure to be the new CEO at Diversity Role Models and to continue the excellent work the charity does in promoting attitudes of positivity, inclusion and kindness in school and colleges.

I joined DRM after 20+ years in post-16 education working on apprenticeships and other vocational learning. Over that time, it has been astonishing to see how the life of a child and teenager has changed. In terms of technological advances and social change, today’s young people are growing up in an extraordinarily fast-developing world. Despite the background noise however, it’s vital to remember the importance of positive personal values. Values such as kindness, openness and acceptance which can build into shaping the next generation into a receptive and welcoming one.

This year’s National Children’s Day theme of ‘Choose Kind’, strongly resonates with DRM and the work we do in schools to foster attitudes that differences should be celebrated, rather than a cause for unkindness and bullying. By encouraging children to explore why people may be different, we create safe spaces to discuss how we can find a common ground with people who look, speak, dress or live differently from us.

When DRM is invited into a school, through storytelling, the lived experiences told by of our role model volunteers, bring values such as being kind and showing empathy to life. In doing so, we build connections with young people who may feel isolated as they start to discover their feelings and identity. Our message is often a simple one; you are not alone and it’s going to be ok. Speaking as someone who grew up in an altogether less welcoming era, it is a message I often wish I had heard myself.

As we celebrate National Children’s Day I will be focusing on how DRM can reach those children and young people who need to hear our positive message during the formative years of their lives.

DRM relies entirely on the kindness of our donors to support the work we do in schools. If you would like to support our work and be part of our mission, then please visit here to donate.