Reroute your commute!

Earlier this year we started our 4 campaign to highlight the great impact of a £4 donation, the equivalent cost of delivering our LGBT+ inclusion workshop to one student in the UK.

In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the immediate closure of schools has meant the immediate cancellation of our face to face delivery in classrooms, our primary and most crucial service.

As a result, the 4 campaign has a new mission: reach as many students as possible when school restarts.

A new school year can be daunting for any young person. One of the ripple effects of this unprecedented situation is new intakes having their crucial induction days cancelled, leaving them at risk of feeling even more vulnerable or anxious about what to expect about their new environment.

In any school year we want to be there to champion a stable and inclusive culture amongst so much uncertainty. May it be to support a questioning student entering a new year group with new classmates, or even joining a new school or college and having to contend with how to approach new teachers to ask them to use their preferred pronouns. Unfortunately, this year we may be needed more than ever.

While students and our volunteers lose the remainder of their school year, many adults are settling into a routine of working from home with months of zero commute - finally, a silver lining!

Our ask is straight-forward: We want to raise at least £4,000, the equivalent of reaching 1000 students, to return to workshop delivery swiftly. We understand this is a difficult financial situation for some of you, so we are only asking those who are able to do so to donate a portion of their commuter savings or similar to support this campaign.

The environment students learn in will have an impact on their lives forever. We want inclusion from day one.

Our crowdfunder will culminate on Giving Tuesday on 5 May, an extra day of global giving organised to respond to the Coronavirus emergency.

Find out about the impact of COVID-19 on Diversity Role Models in our news section.

Make your donation to our JustGiving fundraiser here