Sometimes, seeing negative coverage of LGBT+ issues can invoke a sense of powerlessness among our community and allies. This powerlessness, while understandable can lead to feelings of isolation and anger and perhaps even the sense that matters will inevitably worsen.

My message is that all of us can combat the negativity through positive action that leads to meaningful change. Volunteering is one such route. Lending your effort, your experience and skills for social good. There are hundreds of LGBT+ charities and movements working tirelessly for equality and dignity. Volunteers working with them are making a difference for the community. Volunteering also provides the added reward of a sense of enormous wellbeing.

Diversity Role Models is a volunteer led charity. In schools our role models tell their lived LGBT+ experiences and in doing so build acceptance and empathy among pupils and teachers. Helping a young person develop kindness towards others, whatever their differences, is about as transformative as it gets.

So, if you ever have those moments where you wish you could do something to promote an inclusive society; you can. Get involved and make a difference.

You can find more about supporting Diversity Role Models here.