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Book a workshop

I would definitely recommend this because it helps you understand that you are who you are and you won't feel self conscious about that.
Student from a previous workshop.

DRM best achieves its aims by providing anti-bullying workshops for an entire year group across one to two days. While our visits are often arranged through Citizenship/PSHE departments, we've found that it's easiest for schools to send us into various subject areas across the school day to best fit into the timetable. Each workshop can have up to 30 students.

Role models often have to take time off work to participate in workshops so we aim to do 4 - 5 in a day to make best use of their time. Half days are also possible.

We are growing and although we are based in London we are also able to work with schools throughout the UK by booking local accommodation. While this adds to the financial cost we endeavour to put together the most affordable package for the school. Please do contact us using the form below.

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