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DRM Services Overview

We support your whole school in creating a safe, LGBT+ inclusive environment which seeks to prevent bullying before it happens. We do this by providing a unique combination of specialised staff, governor and parent/ carer training with student workshops. This approach creates sustained change by raising awareness of LGBT+ issues and provides practical resources to prevent bullying and drive positive change in the attitudes of key people in a student’s school life.

“A school’s response to bullying should not start at the point at which a child has been bullied” (DfE)

All our services have been developed by teachers and inclusion specialists.

The benefits of DRM’s services for your school are:

  • staff develop their confidence and feel equipped in responding to HBT bullying
  • staff improve their knowledge in creating an LGBT+ inclusive curriculum
  • students engage with LGBT+ role models - challenge stereotypes, feel empathy and question the language they use
  • staff and students learn what HBT bullying is and why it’s important to tackle
  • students will learn how to support an LGBT+ classmate or student
  • Governors will be trained on how to drive deep rooted change within your school

Our team will support you in creating a safe and inclusive school environment where every child is valued for who they are, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity.

The whole school approach can be taken as a single package or individual elements, depending on your school’s needs, and we can tailor any of our sessions to meet your specific needs – just get in touch.

Price - starts from £1,600 (a saving of approx. £800 on individual prices) - for individual prices please see below.

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Staff training

Summary: A range of specialised training addressing gender and sexuality-based bullying, which can be adapted to suit each school’s specific needs. Staff will leave with in-depth knowledge of LGBT+ issues, giving them confidence and skills to prevent HBT bullying.

Detail: Our staff training will help embed inclusion and tackle HBT bullying throughout your school. The interactive sessions are led by trained facilitators and cover:

  • the moral, legal and regulatory reasons for tackling HBT bullying – what it is and strategies for tackling it
  • HBT language - how to challenge and move towards eradicating it
  • policies – how to adapt policies, so that they best support students, staff and meet regulatory requirements
  • how to create LGBT+ inclusive lessons and action plan
  • how to support transgender students in a practical and proactive way

 All our staff training will be tailored to suit your schools needs.

Price - £800 (Full day); £500 (Half day); £250 (1 hour)

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Governor Training (2 hours)

Summary: Governors will learn how to support staff and students in creating an LGBT+ inclusive school - what is required to meet their statutory duties in tackling HBT bullying, and will have a greater confidence and understanding around approaching LGBT+ issues in schools.

Detail: The following key topics are covered using a combination of discussions and interactive activities:

  • introduction to HBT bullying - what HBT bullying is and how it differs from other forms of bullying. Who is affected by it and the impact it has
  • the main obligations for tackling HBT bullying - moral, statutory and regulatory
  • supporting transgender students - what it means to be transgender and the barriers faced by trans students
  • how governors can lead on inclusion work - policy improvement, implementation and questions they should be asking
  • practical steps governors can take after the training and post training support

Price - £300

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Parent/ carer workshop (60 minutes)

Summary: Parents and carers play an important role in shaping and supporting young people’s opinions and attitudes which is why – as part of our whole school approach – we have developed this vitally important workshop. This session will leave parents and carers equipped to support the young people in their care and talk about why an inclusive and diverse school community meets everyone’s needs.

Detail: Co-led by our facilitator and a representative from the school, we open up a discussion about how guardians can best support the young person/people in their care, when it comes to issues around gender and/or sexuality. Whether it’s questions, LGBT+ issues or tackling decriminalisation and HBT bullying in school, it's important that parents and carers are equipped with the knowledge and understanding they need to make the experience as positive and painless as possible for the young person.

In the session we will cover:

  • The importance of eliminating bullying
  • Schools’ legal and regulatory obligations
  • How this work aligns with the schools’ policies, ethos and values
  • How parents/carers can support the school in the work they are doing
  • Q&A on any aspect of the work

Price - Please contact our Education Team

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Student workshops – Primary (45-60 minutes)

Summary: Our fun, educational workshops allow pupils to explore different types of families through activities, storytelling and interaction with LGBT+ role models.  Pupils are inspired to celebrate diversity, challenge bullying and share thoughts about how they can create a safe and welcoming school environment for all.

Detail: Our primary school programme focuses on exploring diverse families, and aims to teach children about the fundamental similarities that exist between all families, regardless of how they look from the outside. The highlight of this session is a story from one of our role models, who will talk about their life and family before answering the children's questions.

Our Year 1 and 2 workshops are based around the story ‘And Tango Makes Three’ which offers an easily accessible narrative alongside beautiful illustrations, to help children understand and celebrate different families.

In Years 3 to 6 children will learn definitions for lesbian, gay, bisexual, heterosexual and transgender, as well as how to use these words in the correct context. In Years 5 and 6 they will begin to explore the use of homophobic language and the impact this language may have and how they could challenge it, if heard around the school. 

Price - £500 (full day), £375 (half day)

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Student workshops – Secondary & Sixth form (45-60 minutes)

Summary: Our thought provoking secondary workshops equip students with the skills to recognise, prevent and challenge gender and sexuality-based bullying and discrimination. Students can explore stereotypes and address any misconceptions around gender and sexuality through storytelling, critical thinking and discussions with our LGBT+ and ally role models. Students will leave the session empowered to create positive change in their school.

Detail: The workshops are led by trained facilitators alongside LGBT+ and ally role models, and tackle bullying relating to gender and sexuality, develop empathy and understanding and support young people in creating a positive and inclusive school environment. Students explore the nature of stereotypes, the key issues LGBT+ students face at school and the impact of discrimination - this is done using role models who share their personal stories about their gender and/or sexuality, inspiring and connecting with students. With sixth form students we focus on how they can support younger students.

Price - £500 (full day), £375 (half day)

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