School workshops

Secondary workshops

77% of pupils don’t think that an LGBT classmate would feel comfortable coming out at their school.

Our secondary workshops aim to significantly reduce this statistic and ensure every young person feels safe being themselves. By talking directly to positive and inspiring role models, young LGBT people can meet people with similar experiences and see that they have every chance of leading a happy and full life.

For everyone else, meeting openly LGBT people helps them understand that a person’s sexuality is only a small part of what defines them. Many young people hold misconceptions about LGBT people and our workshops help them to unpick and dispel these. They develop empathy, understanding and ultimately acceptance of difference.

Tackling homophobic bullying in secondary schools

A typical workshop in a secondary school includes:

  • Introductory discussion
  • Survey of pupils’ views using voting technology (this is revisited at the end to quantify the shift in attitudes)
  • 'Guess Who' activity: aimed at dispelling stereotypes, this activity invites pupils to guess which role model matches which biography
  • Stories from the role models
  • Q&A session with role models and facilitator

Pupil evaluations demonstrate that our workshops help them understand the impact of their language and behaviour, and leave many wanting to be agents of change. 96% of those evaluated say have learnt about LGBT issues, while 86% say they would not use homophobic, biphobic or transphobic language in the future. Pupils appreciate and respect our role models’ honesty and openness.

"It’s ok to be who you are, love is love, don’t use gay as an insult. God didn’t make any wrong people."
Year 8 pupil

We encourage teachers to use our pre and post workshop lessons and resources to support the learning outcomes of the workshops and explore to the topic in more depth. These are free of charge and are provided when you book a workshop.

Workshop information

  • An ideal class size would be 20-30 students
  • Our costs are £500 a day or £125 for a single workshop

Primary workshops

DRM’s primary school workshops introduce and explore different types of family. Using role models who are same-sex parents we to talk directly to pupils in a safe and relaxed environment. It’s increasingly common to have pupils with same-sex parents, so it’s vital to create an environment that fully accepts these differences.

Bullying in primary schools - workshop themes

  • Diversity
  • Stereotyping
  • Bullying
  • Language
  • Q&A

Pupil feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and many comment on how much they enjoy talking to the role models. The main message of the session focuses on the importance of respecting everyone and ensuring that others do too. Pupils understand that language they may think of as a joke can actually be very harmful.

‘The lesson that we learnt is that it does not matter if a women and woman has feeling for each other. We should love each other and treat them kindly.’
Year 5 pupil

Workshop information

  • An ideal class size would be 20-30 students
  • Our costs are £500 a day or £125 for a single workshop

Anti-bullying resources

We have been working with the team at Kidscape to create some useful resources for schools. You can view and download the information here.

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