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I would recommend this workshop to other students because now when we say lesbian, gay. bisexual or transgender, nobody laughs in our class. And some of the boys won't use those words as an insult. - Year 5 student
Photo of Suran Dickson
Suran Dickson Founder, DRM
Suran Dickson Suran Introduces Diversity Role Models


Clare Balding image
Clare Balding DRM patron
Clare Balding I am delighted to be a patron of a charity doing such essential work with young people. You can change the law but it is attitudes that are at the heart of society...

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Leng Montgomery Role model
Leng Montgomery Leng Montgomery works in Social Media and is a passionate blogger. He also volunteers and speaks regularly with panels and media professionals about Trans issues.

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It was a while ago you guys came to our school. But it's genuinely helped me so much for being able to come out to my family and friends. Thanks so much and keep doing the amazing work you're doing! It made all the people around me more accepting too!