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Photo of Alison Moyet

Alison Moyet


To support Diversity Role Models is to support our children. Every family is diverse and every child has the right to grow into their own shape without intimidation or humiliation. At DRM's Carnival we all felt the joy of acceptance. Not a big ask for any young person. I am very proud to be associated with Diversity Role Models. 

Photograph of Andrew Salgado

Andrew Salgado


I work with a number of charities, but something about DRM seems immediately relevant, and carries a personal weight for me. A lot of us creative types were (and are) bullied as children for being gay, for being weird, for being dreamers. I believe that DRM is an important organization because they stand for a message that I fervently support: believe in yourself; its okay to be gay, weird, and a dreamer. You'll find your way and we're here to prove that there is a network of support for you. Celebrate who you are!

Photo of Anthony Watson

Anthony Watson

Leading British business and technology Executive

I feel truly honoured to be a Patron of Diversity Role Models. The work Diversity Role Models does in visiting schools across the UK to offer advice and guidance to both students and teachers, in challenging homophobic bullying and celebrating equality, diversity and difference is absolutely vital to support our LGBT youth. 

Photo of Charlie Condou

Charlie Condou


Diversity Role Models is an amazing organisation, working directly with young people to tackle homophobic bullying in schools and I'm honoured to be a patron.

Photo of Clare Balding

Clare Balding

Television presenter, journalist and retired amateur jockey

I am delighted to be a patron of a charity doing such essential work with young people. You can change the law but it is attitudes that are at the heart of society... only by changing attitudes do we make real progress.

Photo of Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas

Professional rugby player

After participating in a DRM workshop as a role model, I am 100% convinced as to the worth of an organisation like this and therefore am honoured to become a patron. It would have had a huge and extremely positive influence on my life if I'd had a visit from Diversity Role Models when I was at school.

Photo of Gary Millar

Gary Millar

Business, Enterprise & Investment Lead, Lord Mayor of Liverpool 2013/14 & entrepreneur

In my search for a role model I never thought I’d become one myself! There’s me, from a slum in Leith, working class, gay, Scottish. Fast forward and I became Lord Mayor of Liverpool - one of the biggest cities in the country. I've found we can all be role models – we just don’t know it yet! With your help, an open mind and a loving heart let’s promote, educate, influence and inspire everyone to eliminate homophobic and transphobic bullying.

Photo of Heather Peace

Heather Peace

Actress and musician

I'm delighted to be a patron for this fantastic organisation. It's incredibly important to me to be part of the solution by showing young people that being gay or being different is nothing to be afraid of.

Photo of Jacob Kennedy

Jacob Kenedy

Chef patron of Bocca di Lupo

It takes bravery just to stand up in front of a room full of children, let alone to talk about being gay to them. The thing is, doing so means that all of them, straight and gay alike, will have that little bit less need to be brave themselves, or indeed to be fearful, when the subject of sexuality comes up with their counterparts. The work of Diversity Role Models is important and impressive, and I am proud to support it.

Photo of John Amaechi

John Amaechi

OBE - psychologist, author and former NBA basketball player

I have always thought that to be a role-model, whether for one person or millions, is an honour in this life. I am pleased to be joining with a group of people committed to highlighting more and varied role models for our young people. I had an amazing role model when I grew up, and I hope I can be that for someone else now.  

Linda Riley

Linda Riley

Media entrepreneur

I am delighted to have been appointed a Patron of this charity and will do my utmost to help continue its growth - bullying in schools has a lifelong effect on many of us. As a same-sex co-parent, I am especially aware that children can be singled out because they’re perceived to be different at precisely the time in their lives when they need support and reassurance. Diversity Role Models plays a vital part in delivering this essential change in attitude.

Photo of Edmund John Philip Browne

Lord John Browne

English businessman

I am proud to be a supporter of Diversity Role Models. If young people can identify with someone who has been through the closet door and succeeded, then they are more likely to let go of the fears that hold them back. DRM works to provide those role models, and in doing so, is improving the lives of many young people across the country.

Photo of Patrick Ness

Patrick Ness

Author, journalist and lecturer

Sometimes the most life-changing experience can simply be being shown what's possible. Diversity Role Models is brilliant at this, and I'm delighted to be a Patron of something that changes so many young lives. And saves them, too.

Rebecca Root

Rebecca Root


I am thrilled to be joining DRM as a Patron. If adding my voice helps just one person see the light at the end of the tunnel, or decide to live their life as their authentic self, or find the courage to face the world when everything feels too much – then my voice will have purpose and all my own struggles along the way will have been worth it. When I was young there was nobody to guide or encourage me in the hideous confusion of my gender dysphoria. Thanks to DRM this thankfully isn’t the case in 2015.

Photo of Shelley Silas

Shelley Silas


We are rarely asked to be role models in life, so when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it.  The cause is hugely important to me, the organisation one I am proud to be part of. It's only by showing what we can do for each other out in the world, that we make the impossible possible. DRM is making the impossible possible every day.

Stella Duffy

Stella Duffy

Writer and theatre-maker

I’m proud to support the vital and hugely powerful work of DRM, making a difference, on a daily basis, to the lives of young LGBT people. As an organisation they have gone from strength to strength in the past few years, always holding on to the core values of equality and justice. I’m grateful Diversity Role Models exists.

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