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Clare Balding (she/her)

I am delighted to be a patron of a charity doing such essential work with young people. You can change the law but it is attitudes that are at the heart of society. Only by changing attitudes do we make real progress.

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Linda Riley (she/her)

I am delighted to have been appointed a Patron of this charity and will do my utmost to help continue its growth - bullying in schools has a lifelong effect on many of us. As a same-sex co-parent, I am especially aware that children can be singled out because they’re perceived to be different at precisely the time in their lives when they need support and reassurance. Diversity Role Models plays a vital part in delivering this essential change in attitude.

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Charlie Condou (he/him)

Diversity Role Models is an amazing organisation, working directly with young people to tackle homophobic bullying in schools and I'm honoured to be a patron.

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Ash Palmisciano (he/him)

Ash Palmisciano is an actor, speaker, and writer from Leamington Spa. For the past four years is has played Matty Barton in itv's Emmerdale; the soap's first ever trans character. Previous credits include British Film institution Short film - ‘Pop’, ‘Boy meets Girl’ BBC 2, ‘Summer in London’ Royal Stratford East. Writing credits include: The Lady that dances, Channel 4’s random acts, and TedX talk ‘Your truth is your Super Power YouTube.

"Being a patron for Diversity Role Models means the world to me. If I’d had seen someone similar to me when I was younger, life would've been so much easier - I hope to help and inspire others to be themselves; that way we can live the life we deserve. My favourite quote is ’Be who you needed when you were younger.'" – Ash

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Gyasi Sheppy (he/him)

Gyasi Sheppy hails from Lisburn in Northern Ireland and in summer 2021 landed his dream job as a regular TV presenter for the BBC. Gyasi’s background is in entertainment with a passion for theatre and television. Before moving to London in 2020, Gyasi ran cross-community stage school in Northern Ireland with a focus on building relationships through the arts. Gyasi also worked as a entertainer for The Walt Disney Company before working in his local hospital and then a London hospital throughout Covid. It was from there Gyasi was discovered for a regular presenter role for BBC Children’s and after a rigorous audition process landed the job. Since then he has presented for CBeebies, BBC Studios, UKTV and Children in Need. He is passionate about on-screen representation  and creating opportunities for people of all ages to develop and pursue their dreams.

"It is my absolute honour to be asked to be patron of an organisation who’s ethos directly aligns with my own. The work Diversity Role Models does on the ground is so important and vital in making younger minds understand the real world around them, in all its shapes, sizes and formations. I cannot wait to get stuck in with passing on this wonderful message through their work and my work." – Gyasi

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Rev Steve Chalke (he/him)

Steve Chalke founded the Oasis Trust in 1985 with a vision to build inclusive local communities. Oasis is now one of the largest charities in the UK, as well as working in seven other countries. It provides housing, education – now a MAT with 52 academy schools - healthcare, various other community-building initiatives and now works with the Ministry of Justice creating the UK’s first Secure School. Steve is also an author, speaker, former UN Special Advisor on Human Trafficking and a Baptist minister. He holds an MBE and various honorary fellowships, all awarded for his work in social inclusion and justice. He continues to lead Oasis and is the founding minister of Oasis Church Waterloo in central London – a place of inclusion where all are welcome.

"Rather than simply applauding the work of Diversity Role Models, I want my support to be active, because their pioneering work in education is essential. The greatest strength the human race possesses is our diversity rather than our sameness. Ours must therefore be the generation that consigns LGBTQ+ bullying to the dustbin of history. This is DRM’s ambition as they work to embed a culture free of homophobic and transphobic discrimination, where every young person can thrive because they know they are valued and celebrated. That is why I am proud to be a patron of Diversity Role Models, and part of their team." Steve

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Anthony Watson (he/him)

I feel truly honoured to be a Patron of Diversity Role Models. The work Diversity Role Models does in visiting schools across the UK to offer advice and guidance to both students and teachers, in challenging homophobic bullying and celebrating equality, diversity and difference is absolutely vital to support our LGBT youth.