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55% of LGBT young people people suffer HBT (homophobic, biphobic & transphobic) bullying in school. The impact is severe, contributing to higher rates of attempted suicide and self-harm and adversely affecting educational outcomes.

We take positive role models – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight – into schools to help LGBT students feel confident and ensure their classmates are accepting of difference. Our trained facilitators deliver workshops, giving young people the chance to hear personal stories and ask questions anonymously.

In primary schools these workshops explore different families, while in secondary schools we challenge the view that ‘that’s so gay’ is just harmless banter.

Our Team

Our Trustees

Photo of Beth Dowling

Beth Dowling-Jones, Chair

My fairly trouble-free experience as a lesbian doesn't prevent my anxiety that our family setup could negatively impact on my kids' lives at school. I chose to be a DRM trustee so my children can feel secure that we're as normal as the next family, and to ensure that neither they nor their peers experience homophobia in school.


Ali Berryman

Photo of Andy Woodfield

Andy Woodfield

Andy is a Partner at PwC, leading their International Aid Development Consulting practice in the UK, and sponsors PwC's inclusive network for Gays, Lesbians and Everyone Else - GLEE@PwC. He believes in a deep respect of difference at a human level and is convinced that DRM has a unique role in promoting this.

Photo of Ann Jones

Ann Miller-McCaffrey

DRM's approach restores my faith that education can foster independent thinking, confidence and informed decisions. The interaction between student and role model enables an honest exchange of views. Most importantly, DRM ‘practices what it preaches’ with a network of role models who reflect their diverse communities.


Catherine Bosworth

Christopher Drennen

Christopher Drennen

I am a managing director in Official Institutions Coverage at BNP Paribas and support a broad array of community-building and social development programmes. The importance of proactively promoting diversity and acceptance as children are in the process of forming their own conscious and unconscious biases cannot be underestimated. The work and success of DRM along these lines have impressed me since the first time I came in contact with the organisation a few years ago.

Helen Slinger

Helen Slinger

Helen is a Director with The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation, seconded from PwC, where she previously led their Northern Sustainability Practice. She is a Steering Group Member of GLEE, PwC's business network for Gays, Lesbians and Everyone Else. She is passionate about diversity in the workplace and believes DRM makes a vital contribution to dispelling prejudice in schools and in our future workforce through providing students with positive LGBT role models.

Tamoor Ali

Tamoor Ali

I am a Corporate finance manager at BP Treasury and currently the Treasurer/Trustee at DRM. I joined the DRM Board because I believe our future will be decided by the next generation and so we should invest in them today. It’s important to me that everyone from a young age understands and appreciates difference. DRM is a key resource for us to tackle homophobic bullying in schools and I am proud to be part of its legacy.

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