Parents and carers play a key role in shaping and supporting young people’s opinions and attitudes. Led jointly by a trained facilitator and a representative from the school, this workshop will help parents understand the work the school is doing to be more inclusive, why it is important, and how they can support young people to develop empathy, inclusive behaviours, and embrace diversity.

"Diversity Role Models ran a fantastic workshop for our parents and carers. They had an opportunity to engage in discussions relating to HBT bullying and left with a better understanding and confidence to address issues at home"

- Community Cohesion Officer

Workshop content

  • The importance of eliminating bullying and exclusion to create a positive and inclusive environment where all students can thrive
  • The lived experiences of LGBT+ people 
  • Moral, statutory and Ofted/ISI obligations
  • How this work aligns and is brought to life within the schools’ policies, ethos and values
  • How parents and carers can support the school
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