Embracing Difference, Ending Bullying: New Classroom Resources Launch

As Diversity Role Models concludes the third and final year of the "Embracing Difference, Ending Bullying" project, supported by the Department for Education (DfE), we are proud to present the latest and last set of Role Model videos and educational resources. This initiative has spanned three years and has produced a total of 69 videos, each accompanied by tailored educational resources aimed at fostering understanding and inclusivity in schools.

Role Model Videos: Broadening Perspectives

This year, we've added 22 new videos to our collection, each featuring personal narratives that address challenges and triumphs related to Inclusion, identity, acceptance, and resilience. These stories serve as powerful tools to engage students in meaningful discussions about diversity. All videos are subtitled in English and designed to be used for appropriate educational year groups to ensure they are accessible and effective.

Featured Stories from Year 3 Include:

  • Yasmin's Story: Yasmin talks about her experience discovering her identity and explains the difficulties she had in finding the language to express it.
  • Steve’s Story: Describes his work through his charity 'Oasis' to ensure schools are welcoming spaces for all.
  • Abdi’s Story: Shares his journey from Somalia to the UK, highlighting the challenges of migration and integration.

Comprehensive Educational Resources

Alongside the new videos, we have developed an additional 12 classroom resource packs to support the videos in this final year. Designed to facilitate discussion and learning on the topics presented in the DfE Year 3 videos they provide an invaluable resource set for teachers seeking to embed equality, diversity, and inclusion within the classroom. The resources are free and align with the national curriculum to support educators in delivering comprehensive PSHE and SRE lessons on diversity and bullying prevention.

Classroom Resources Include:

(Click title to download)

  1. Asexuality, Bisexuality & Representation - Secondary - Year 8+
  2. Creating an inclusive school - Primary - Year 5+
  3. Diversity within faith communities - Secondary - Year 9+
  4. Early Years Pack - Lessons and Resources - Reception Year +
  5. LGBTQ+ History and Rights - Primary Year 5+
  6. LGBTQ+ History and Rights & Section 28 - Secondary - Year 8+
  7. Migration - Primary - Year 3+
  8. Social and Peer Pressure - Secondary - Year 8+
  9. Upstanding and Activism - Secondary - Year 9+
  10. Seeking Support - Educators Resource
  11. Bonus Resource - Gender Equality - Secondary - Year 7+
  12. Bonus Resource Gender Transition - Secondary - Year 7+

These packs are part of our broader commitment to provide educators with the tools they need to create inclusive and supportive learning environments. The resources are designed to work in conjunction with the Role Model Stories on our dedicated Vimeo streaming platform, or as part of a wider programme, including Diversity Role Models classroom workshops and in-person school DEI training. 

Accessing All Project Resources

Over the three years of this project, we have created 69 videos with corresponding educational materials, all of which are available for free. Educators are encouraged to explore not only this year's resources but all previous materials to broaden the scope of their diversity education efforts.

All Videos and Resources:

For access to the full library of 69 videos and associated resources from the past three years of the 'Embracing Difference, Ending Bullying' DfE project, please visit our dedicated Diversity Role Models Vimeo page.

Additional FREE education resources for teachers

Watch our Upstander Animation videos on Vimeo:

In addition to our Role Model Stories and accompanying classroom resources, we have also developed the ‘Upstander Animation Series’ – A selection of animated videos designed to be used by Primary School teachers and educators in classrooms. Co-created with teachers and education experts, the animations foster impactful discussions in both classrooms and home environments.

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