Our work is guided by two steering groups who play an active role in shaping and refining our services. We regularly review current materials and develop new materials as a result of working collaboratively with our Education Steering Group and Student Voice Group.


Education Steering Group

The Education Steering Group provides support, advice and strategic direction. Made up of teachers and experts, the group meets termly to discuss the latest developments in education and to shape the future of Diversity Role Models. It provides a space to share best practice and new resources for use in schools, as well as regularly reviewing our current work, ensuring we are providing schools with the highest quality, most relevant support possible.


Student Voice Group

The Student Voice Group ensures that young people are at the heart of our work. Through engaging a diverse group of young people from a range of educational environments, we ensure that the advice and support we give schools is relevant to the young people we support. Our Student Voice Group meets termly to discuss the issues facing LGBT+ people in their schools and what they wish their peers and teachers would do differently, as well as sharing best practice. The group aims to empower the members to be agents of positive social change in their schools. 


Student voice group in action

Student voice group in action