Key information

  • We only accept bookings from organisations on the basis of these terms and conditions. Bookings should be made by the organisation's representative acting on its behalf in the course of its professional business.
  • A teacher is required to be present in student sessions at all times. While DRM’s facilitators are able to control low-level disruption, the teacher is responsible for intervening in any significant behaviour issues.
  • We will not deliver individual student sessions to a group of more than 35 without our prior, written agreement.
  • We request that all face-to-face workshops on a given day take place in a single room, wherever possible.
  • We require access to a computer and interactive whiteboard (or projector) and the ability to use the internet or a USB drive to retrieve presentation materials for all face-to-face sessions.
  • We request that all teachers are informed beforehand about the content and aims of the workshop, including an expectation for all staff to contribute positively to the learning outcomes of the workshops.
  • We will send a form requesting additional information three weeks before the workshops or when the booking is confirmed, whichever is later. This form must be completed no later than two weeks before the sessions in order for delivery to be able to take place.
  • We will send to you the names of facilitators and role models no later than 5 working days in advance of the sessions.
  • Some sessions are offered free of charge, others require payment. For sessions requiring payment DRM will issue an invoice at the time of the booking, which is to be paid within 30 days of receipt.
  • We will have adequate public liability insurance in place, covering DRM staff and volunteers.
  • We are committed to having robust safeguarding practices. Prior to 31 July 2021 we will ensure that the facilitator (the individual leading the session) has an enhanced DBS check with barred list check. Subsequent to 31 July 2021 we will ensure that all team members have received an enhanced DBS check with barred list check for working with children, in line with our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. To find out more, including to view our full policy, please visit

Cancelling your booking

  • All cancellations must be made by email to
  • Where you cancel with less than 29 calendar days’ notice, we reserve the right to charge cancellation fees as follows, in order to cover costs already incurred:
Calendar days’ notice before the day of workshops  Cancellation fee
29 calendar days or more No fee
Between 8 and 28 calendar days (inclusive) 50% of the agreed cost
Between 1 and 7 calendar days 100% of the agreed cost


  • Where we are able to rearrange delivery at a later date, we may choose to waive these cancellation fees at our discretion.

Cancellation by Diversity Role Models

  • If we have to cancel a booked session, we will give you 14 days’ prior written notice where possible. However, we regret that occasionally we may have to cancel or change the time or date of a booked session on less than 14 days’ notice due to circumstance outside of our control.
  • If prior written notice of cancellation is given to you at least 14 days before the date of the booked session, and if you elect not to take the option of a replacement, alternative session, we'll refund the whole or any part of the fee paid by you prior to cancellation.
  • If we're unable to give you 14 days' prior notice of a cancellation or change to the time or date of a booked session, we'll give notice as soon as we reasonably can.
  • If we cancel or change the time or date of a booked session without giving you reasonable notice, and you elect not to take the option of a replacement, alternative session, we'll reimburse the whole or any part of any fee paid for the booked session.