Working towards a dream - Diversity Role Model Patron Claire Harvey blogs about her excitement, trepidation and pride as she prepares for the Paralympics:

"I am writing this blog from my room at the Tradition camp at Bath University where all of TeamGB from all of the sports have come together before going to the Athletes Village.

As an athlete it is a significant change from our own sports camp.  We wear only TeamGB kit, have access to team doctors and physios as well as replicating the multi-sport environment for eating and training.  It is a chance for them and us to check we are in prime condition and that as many potential issues are identified and dealt with before we move into the Village.

The support we get from ParalympicsGB is amazing.  I genuinely feel there is nothing they wouldn't do to make sure we are as prepared as possible for the Games.

Of course, for many of us including me, coming here marked the final stage and the last time we would see family and friends until after our competition.  Three weeks is a long time and balancing communication and focus is hard, probably harder during a home Games than abroad I suspect.

I can't help feeling a mix of excitement, trepidation and pride.  It has been three years of working towards this dream and in two days I will have achieved it.  I will step into the Paralympic Village as a Team Captain.

All those moments I thought it was beyond me, all those hard times and tough decisions are finally coming together in this one event.

Will write more from the Village!"