One of our newest role models wrote this poem about her transgender son. We think it's beautiful, so we wanted to share it with you all.

This is the story of a little girl,

Who did not always fit in so well.

Though female upon first sight,

His body never felt quite right.

A little girl was what they saw,

But mind and body were at war.


At two and a half, he asked his mum,

“When will my willy come?”

His mum gently said, “It won’t, my dear”

And what followed was confusion and tears.

At that age, how does one explain

That their body does not match their brain?


The dresses and skirts all got ditched

And so he wore whatever he wished.

His swimming trunks had Spiderman on

(Though some believed that this was wrong!)

At age six, he had his hair cut short -

Now his appearance matched how he thought.

He played with both the girls and boys

And quite varied were his toys

Whilst adults couldn’t figure it out,

His peers never had a doubt.

They just liked the person inside,

So there was never any need to hide.


Then puberty hit - what a shock!

It came early - such bad luck!

To look male now was harder and harder,

With a chest that was rapidly growing larger.

Every morning he woke with dread

And simply wanted to stay in bed.


Now at twelve, the journey’s still tough,

But his mum reminds him that it’s enough

To just get through one day at a time;

Everything will work out fine.

One day things will fall into place

And I can’t wait to see that smile on his face.

The message behind this story is such,

That you really mustn’t ever give up.

There’ll be setbacks and maybe some falls,

But be true to yourself and walk tall.

Always be proud of who you are

And don’t let comments leave a scar.


So let’s spread the word and reach out;

We don’t need to scream, we don’t need to shout -

Just teach all about acceptance and love,

To children as they start to grow up.

With these values and morals we can

Live in harmony, hand in hand.


This is my daughter… This is my son… And I am the very, very proud mum!