On the weekend of the 21st October the UK's leading lesbian artists will band together at Dean Street Studios in Soho London to record a song which will help raise awareness and money for charities which work to combat homophobic bullying in young people.

The L Project is gathering growing support from both gay and straight communities across the UK and beyond. 'The enthusiasm is amazing!' says Georgey Payne, creator of the L Project, and singer-songwriter for UK lesbian band Greymatter, 'we're finding that most people know of, or have been affected by this issue, and just want to join in and help in whatever way they can'.

Georgey herself was moved to action by the experiences of a young gay friend: 'I noticed one night that he was worried about going home after work, and when I asked he told me that he was being bullied. Being a songwriter, the best way I could think of to help raise money and awareness to prevent this kind of thing happening was to write a song, and then I asked the most talented UK lesbian artists I know to get together and record it for charity, and they all said yes - without hesitation'.

The song is called 'Breathing Life' and will be released in January 2012 as a digital download. Set to a powerful and catchy melody, the lyrics talk about the challenges of growing up gay, but the central message is one of hope: it gets better. This message is at the core of one of Stonewall's charity campaigns 'It Gets Better Today', and is also the message that Diversity Role Models charity is helping spread through their work in schools. Both these charities will benefit directly from sales of the single. There will also be a music video to accompany the charity single, with BSL interpreters.

Although similar projects also exists in other countries, especially the US, the L Project is focused on raising awareness and money in the UK. 'If the song sells beyond the UK, that would be fantastic', says Georgey, 'as long as all the money raised continues to go towards UK charities who help prevent young gay people from being bullied - that's the focus of the L Project.

Everyone involved, from artists, supporters and promoters, is doing this for free. Participating artists to record on the charity single are Scottish legend, Horse, Georgey & Emma (Greymatter), Christina Novelli, Sandra MacBeth, Amber (HeadsHearts), Mel Sanson (Kenelis), Nina McCann, Sofia Antonia Milone (Geekgirl), O'Hooley & Tidow, Lorna Thomas, Leanna Goring, Juey, Jess Gardham, Amy Sutton (Neon Choir), Nicky Mitchell, Ella Chambers and Tara Wescott-Simms.

Some of our L Project sponsors include, Dean Street Studios, VroomVroomVroom, L-Fest, Abbe Robinson, Scribblejunkie, SinnerSaint, Nando's, Pret a Manger, Kaanaanmaa, Focx, Katie Lamb, Coyotes Bar, Ground to Elevation and many more.

Helping promote The L Project are Pink Sofa, The Candy Bar Girls, Diva, GOGO Festival, Gaygirlnet, Lesbilicious, gay radio stations and many many more.

To find out more about The L Project, you can see the full line up, photos and biographies of everyone currently involved with the project on the Facebook page, where you can also click the 'Like' button to show your support www.facebook.com/TheLProject . The L Project also has a website www.TheL-Project.com and a Twitter page www.twitter.com/TheLProject11 If you think you'd like to contribute to the project in some way, by helping promote the single or by getting it onto local and national radio, then please email Georgey at info@greymatter-music.co.uk

Once the single comes out, you can support those charities working to prevent homophobic bullying by buying the single and spreading the word to as many of your friends as possible.

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