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    14 June 2016
    Reflections after the attack in Orlando

    By Suran Dickson

    Our Chief Executive, Suran Dickson, shares her thoughts following the attack in Orlando this weekend.

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    05 May 2016
    First day back at school

    By Salil Mazumdar

    Primary school role model Salil writes a guest blog about his first day volunteering with DRM.

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    03 May 2016
    Annual Report and Account 2015

    By Lucy Caldicott

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    18 March 2016
    This is the story of a little girl

    By Navah Bekhor

    One of our newest role models wrote this poem about her transgender son. We think it's beautiful, so we wanted to share it with you all.

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    02 February 2016
    Announcing our new report: Embracing Diversity and Ending Bullying

    By Lucy Caldicott

    This afternoon we launched our report Embracing Diversity and Ending Bullying at a reception in the House of Commons. This report is the result of an independent evaluation of our workshops which have now reached 34,816 young people in the UK.

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    20 November 2015
    TDoR: Visiting my old school

    By Megan Key

    There was no sympathy. I had friends, but they were into girls, clothes and, later on, going to raves, and it didn’t seem like me. So I spent a lot of time on my own. Being the fattest kid in the year, or maybe the school, meant I got used to laughing at myself. Before anyone else got in first. I had to. It was survival. There wasn’t a day went by, when I didn't wish I was at another school.

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    16 November 2015
    The power of stories

    By Lucy Caldicott

    Like most sensible people I woke up on Saturday morning with a heavy heart following the appalling events on Friday in Paris. I believe that human beings are inherently good but I can find myself questioning this faith when human beings do dreadful things.

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    31 August 2015
    Being visible

    By Sophie Green

    Transgender Day of Visibility is held annually on March 31st and is an international event that celebrates the lives of transgender people. It’s intention is to applaud achievements of the trans community while also highlighting the many issues and prejudices we face.

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    18 August 2015
    Whose stereotypes are they anyway?

    By Will Fletcher

    Like me, many of our supporters will have seen an interesting new poll from YouGov over the weekend. It found that 49% of 18-24 year olds say they are not exclusively heterosexual. It’s undeniably a good thing that younger generations are becoming less rigid in their understanding of sexuality.

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    17 July 2015
    Reflections on my first week at DRM

    By Lucy Caldicott

    Well it’s the end of my first week as Interim CEO at Diversity Role Models and I wanted to share a couple of thoughts.