Diversity Role Models’ Education Manager (NW), Kate Hutchinson, accepts award on behalf of Mark Drakeford and the Welsh Government.

For the last six years, Trans in the City has hosted an awards gala that brings people and organisations together during Trans Awareness Week to celebrate trans and non-binary people, businesses, charities and allies. Starting in 2018, with only a few sponsors, Trans in the City has grown from strength to strength with this year’s awards ceremony including categories like Trans Champion, Trans Inclusive Organisation, and the CEO's award.

This week, at the 2023 awards ceremony, Trans in the City presented Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales, with the prestigious CEO’s award to recognise the hard work of the Welsh Government in delivering its LGBTQ+ Action Plan.

Diversity Role Models’ Kate Hutchinson, Education Manager (NW), was at the Trans in The City Awards ceremony to accept the award on behalf of Mark Drakeford and the Welsh Government. Kate was a member of the LGBTQ+ Expert Panel who provided expert advice and guidance to the Welsh Government to support the development of the LGBTQ+ Action Plan. Kate and her fellow panel members were recognised as experts in their field with experience of service delivery, lived experience, and an understanding of the strategic framework for equality in Wales.

Trans in the City CEO Bobbi Pickard commented:

“The CEO’s award is our flagship award. All our awards go to the most deserving, usually unsung people within our community, whether they’re trans, non-binary or allies. But the CEO’s award is the pinnacle, highlighting people who have gone above and beyond for the community. Mark Drakeford, the Welsh Government, and everyone else involved with the LGBTQ+ Action Plan have delivered a phenomenal amount of work over the last few years to push the plan through and make Wales one of the most trans-inclusive places in Europe to live and work. Their defence of the trans and non-binary community and the active allyship they’ve shown through this plan, and at other times, has been exemplary, and they are so deserving of the CEO’s award.”