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    28 September 2022
    An end of September message from our CEO

    By Matt Garvey

    While in my lifetime the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals have significantly improved, the anti-trans rhetoric being pushed today demonstrates how the struggle for full equality is far from over. The anti-LGBTQ+ messages pushed by people in powerful positions undoubtedly impact upon kids and teenagers in education. As these messages saturate the media, they can provide encouragement to those who feel it is acceptable to bully others on the basis of their identity. Worse, for those who might be LGBTQ+ it creates an environment where they feel isolated, excluded and fearful of coming out.

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    22 September 2022
    Youth Mental Health Day

    By Jay Ersapah

    Today is Youth Mental Health Day, and a quote that has always resonated with me is: “you can’t be what you can’t see.” Because not ‘seeing’ did affect my own mental health growing up.

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    05 September 2022
    Things I never expected to learn as a DRM facilitator

    I’ve been a volunteer facilitator with DRM for about eight months; I’ve run about 6 in-person sessions and 3 online ones, and it has been fabulous! I’ve learned so much, had inspiring experiences, and been tremendously heartened by the reception we have received.

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    01 August 2022
    Reflections on the journeys of empire.

    By Nimerta Virdee

    This year’s South Asian Heritage month theme hits close to home for me. My very being in this world, is a direct result of separate journeys taken by my grandparents and parents on both sides of my family, which were journeys shaped by Empire. It’s a story that makes that age-old question, “where are you from”, slightly trickier to answer.

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    26 July 2022
    Biphobia in schools and the workplace

    By Matt Garvey

    It stuck in my mind how, even in this far more progressive age, being bisexual seems more likely to be considered a phase rather than a defined identity in its own right. This idea of sexuality being described as a phase is perhaps something some young people have had to endure when discovering their own identity. It's an age-old insult that many in the queer family experience but which may persist longer for bi people.

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    12 July 2022
    Press release: Diversity Role Models – Impact Report

    Being gay or thought to be gay is most likely cause of bullying for secondary school students

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    09 July 2022
    What trans+ pride means to me.

    By Kate Hutchinson

    By the time I attended my first Trans Pride I had already attended many LGBTQ+ Pride events, but from the first moment I stepped into the event space I knew this was different.

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    06 July 2022
    ASDA Partnership: our statement

    Unfortunately, this phrase ‘love has no age limit’ was taken out of its context by a relatively small number of individuals who insinuated that Diversity Role Models was teaching that there was no lower age limit to love. This claim was wrong and misleading. The video was conveying how healthy adult relationships continue well into older age.

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    05 July 2022
    150,000 pupils and going strong!

    By Matt Garvey

    Recently, Diversity Role Models reached an incredible milestone in our mission to promote inclusion and diversity in schools. After 11 years, we have reached over 150,000 young people, that’s across more than 600 schools all over the country. We’re so proud to have worked with so many amazing teachers, school leaders, role models, parents/carers and of course, pupils and students.

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    27 June 2022
    Volunteering to make a difference - World Well-Being Week 2022

    By Matt Garvey

    So, if you ever have those moments where you wish you could do something to promote an inclusive society; you can. Get involved and make a difference.